terre_a_terre6 Swimming in the river of mud: The life and art of ceramics as process - Opening address for the Taiwan Ceramics Biennale, Yingge Ceramics Museum, 3 May 2014, about the rise of creative destruction in contemporary ceramics.
The pride of south-east Asian craft. Thai crafts have an auspicious future - Thailand's International Innovation Craft Fair represents a substantial commitment to the support of its crafts within a global context. The fair is organised by the Support Arts and Crafts International Centre of Thailand (SACIST). It includes an Innovative Craft Award, New Heritage Exhibition, Prototype Product Design Gallery, Craft Trend Exhibition, Mobile Gallery and more than 300 booths.
Opening of Assembly at VCA 8 May 2014 Survey shows a need for critical writing about craft - The results of our survey are out. Many pleaded for critical writing, perceiving that many publications about craft are simply promotional. Overall, the comments reflected the absence of publication about craft currently.
opl 1 Speaking up for voicelessness – new works by Olivia Pintos Lopez - The Prosopopoeias (Counihan Gallery, 23 January - 15 February, 2015) by Olivia Pintos-Lopez is an intriguing installation of enigmatic figures made from a combination of cast resin, metal armature, cotton, kid leather, linen, muslin, antique lace, wool embroidery, brocade, buttons, beads, coral, teeth, bone, feather, metal, seeds, shell, stick, gold leaf, cloves, lavender, photographs, thread. Word by Sarah Tomasetti.
Craft, volume 29, #237, 1999 (Craft Victoria) A new craft magazine? - You are invited to complete a survey for feedback about a new craft and design magazine based in Australia. 2015 is the final year of the National Craft Initiative, which is a process managed by National Association of the Visual Arts to review the sector after the de-funding of Craft Australia. This would be a perfect moment to launch a new magazine that expresses confidence in the sector and provides a platform for ongoing dialogue.
Tapestry+HR-3297843415-O-Quick_Preset_1400x580 Mapuche stories woven into QR codes - In New Territories, Guillermo Bert displays his work with Mapuche weavers from his country of origin. His 2012 work Redemption is produced collaboratively with the weaver Anita Paillamil. It features a QR-Code that links to a Mapuche myth
Checking it out at Multiples Victorian makers follow a pattern - Humphrey Poland is a legendary Melbourne builder and designer. To coincide with the Great Victorian Bike Ride, Poland curated an exhibition titled Multiples which brought to Mohyu an established and upcoming generation of artists.
Opening ceremony Kindness of strangers at the World Crafts Council Golden Jubilee - Vicki Mason attempts to distil her experience of attending (as an exhibitor) the World Crafts Council 50th Golden Jubilee Summit, held in Dongyang China, (18–22 October, 2014)
Anna Davern
reworked tin placemat and biscuit tin
250 x 200 x 5 mm
Private Collection
Photo: Terence Bogue Primitivism without the primitive - Place and Adornment by Damian Skinner and Kevin Murray was recently reviewed by Grace Cochrane for Art Jewelry Forum. She questioned the use of 'primitivism'. But there is a case for the positive use of the term, particularly in post-colonial cultures like Australia and New Zealand.
Place and Adornment: A History of Australasian Contemporary Jewellery Place and Adornment – the jewel in the antipodes crown - The story of contemporary jewellery in Australasia demonstrates that it is possible to develop an art form far from the transatlantic centres. While work from here certainly features strongly in Munich, it also has its own distinct frame of reference.

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