Glass exhibition in Joburg

Notice of another exhibition on during the South gathering:

Hot Earth, marks a new body of work by Jeannette Unite. Her continued fascination with mining and minerals including copper, diamonds and platinum are the focus of this solo exhibition; a collection of distinctive molten glass works, drawings and paintings on mining within South Africa. Her unique take on using oxides, minerals and sands from various mining sites in her work has rendered her art a conceptual yet vastly tactile journey.  Glass installations on view incorporate colour derived from minerals ‘frozen’ into luminous and opaque textures through intense heat. 

Gallery:                      The Thompson Gallery
Address:                     78 Third Avenue, Melville, Johannesburg, Gauteng
Gallery Hours:            10:30-17:00, Tues-Sat
Exhibition Dates:       14 October until 3 November 2007

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