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  1. I am an apparel designer looking for an opportunity to put my skills and creativity to test. my areas of interest are in textile surface development, apparel design, graphics .Belonging to the rich culture of India, I believe that Indian (infact any) crafts are one of our greatest treasures and holds great potential. Kindly reply if i can contribute to the ongoing projects as a designer and be part of it.

  2. We are in India & would like to know how you could be a part of our projects.

    Await yourThanks & Rdgs,
    Sanjiv Dharnidharka
    Krishnam Group
    Patuck Press Compound,
    Shravan Yeshwant Chowk,
    Kalachowki, Cotton Green (W),
    Mob:91-9820341293 / 91-9987541293 reply.

  3. The Co-ordinator
    Craft Un bound
    Dear Sir / Madam,

    Brief Initiative background:
    Alpha Women Empowerment Initiative is a community based organisation located in kilembe sub county, Kasese District, Uganda, East Africa. The Initiative is women led with 9 members of the Executive Board and 4 volunteering staff. it started in 2009 and now registered up to District level.
    Vision: Motivating the women to improve their education skills, health conditions, environment, and economic status and live in harmony
    Mission: To join knowledge targeting improved women health, economic prosperity, Environment protection, domestic peace, increased education and women rights awareness
    To enhance women involvement in the reduction of against women, poverty, illiteracy, disease spread, Environment mismanagement and women rights torture.
    • To increase Women awareness on HIV/AIDS Prevention, care and support for the disease victims.
    • To increase Prevention of violence against women rights
    • To engage the women in malaria prevention awareness.
    • To improve women reproductive health
    • To improve women education skills through vocational trainings
    • To involve women in environmental protection through tree planting.
    • To economically empower women through small scale income generating projects
    • To engage the women in the fight against hunger through modernised agriculture
    Problem statement:
    There IS increased poverty among the rural women in kilembe sub county of Kasese District, Uganda .This is commonly attributed to lack of self sustaining skills that can equip the said women with skills for self employment and sustainability. Alpha Women Empowerment initiative came track of this problem and established a hand craft training and making centre to empower the needy women more especially the young mothers who never managed to continue with their main stream education and also the widows. Through this program sofa 103 women have benefited and there is still need to benefit others.However,much as the organisation is making some success, there is always a problem of inadequate equipments to be used during needing ,weaving and also inadequate human resource well versed with the hand craft skills which requires hiring and making the activities implementation hard.
    It is on this basis therefore that we are requesting for partnership with craft un bound to enable us fully address the said constraints.
    Hope for your due response,
    Masika Margret
    Chair person –Alpha Women Empowerment Initiative

  4. Hi Kevin,
    Just read with great interest some of your articles. I wanted to follow your blog but haven’t found anywhere to click to do that… maybe I missed something… I’d love to read your post regularly
    Thank you & regards

  5. Hi Kevin,

    I have now written two messages only to have this system time out and lose both. U am typing this in Word and will copy & paste it into your system.

    I want to speak with you in regard to an event I am organising in Ipswich on May 25 to mark the 50th anniversary of the referendum by which our indigenous people became citizens of this country.

    I would appreciate an email so we can communicate more readily.

    I look forward to hearing from you soo,

    John S

  6. Hello,

    I am interested in having a volunteer who love to work with single mothers in Cameroon to start a craft workshop that will be to to empower single mothers, widows and orphans to learn skills that will help them in their work.

    You can see what we do at



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