White Heat

This looks a very interesting opportunity for those who work with earth and fire:

[ n. an extreme heat that stretches the limits of the safety and familiarity ]

Transformative practices that move beyond the object of utility, often take risks that propel the maker and viewer into unfamiliar territory. The exhibition titled White Heat offers a space for discourses of social, political and cultural concern. The articulation of issues that may be personal or affect others has a strong presence in recent ceramic history and is often manifest with an understanding of clay, its materiality and process. Exploring ideas, while refusing to jettison matter, encapsulates a challenge to the modernist separation of meaning, making and materiality. Boundary-crossing practices such as these are engaging, and extend into risky territory, embracing the slippage between the domains of art, craft and design while confronting the topical, the contentious and the unexpected. Your concerns may be the human condition, the environment, consumerism or a critique of ceramics practice. What risks do you take through your practice?

As curator of White Heat, I invite proposals for The Australian Ceramics Association’s Biennial Exhibition at the Manly Art Gallery and Museum. Sculpture, installation and the non-functional vessel in any ceramic medium will be considered. White Heat coincides with the Australian Ceramics Triennale 09, with a special event on Sunday evening, 19 July at the Manly Art Gallery and Museum.

Please send an outline of your research proposal, a disc with 3 images of recent work and a CV. Dr Julie Bartholomew

Proposal packages due: 17 October 2008 Applicants notified: 1 December 2008 Exhibition dates: 12 June – 19 July 2009

Please post proposal packages to:
Dr Julie Bartholomew
The Australian Ceramics Association
PO Box 274 Waverley NSW 2024
T: 1300 720 124

Selected artists will be paid $100 for their participation in the exhibition.
Exhibitors must be financial members of The Australian Ceramics Association.

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