Latin Identity event

In Chile, the exhibition Make the Common Precious will be featured in a conference on Latin Design:

What is Identidades Latinas? Circuito Identidades Latinas (CIL) is a non-profit organization which brings together leaders in the fields of design, entrepreneurship, crafts, arts, journalism and education to reflect on the impact of identity-based design. Since 2004 CIL has organized traveling workshops and seminars which take place in several Latin American cities. In those examples of successful and original cases are discussed by those who make design and reflect on it. These activities have generated a powerful network in America and Spain and have been the starting point for new projects. CIL is supported by UNESCO, Fundestarte (Spain), South Project (Australia), Zona Diseño (Chile), Latin American Design Network (Colombia), National design Program (Argentina) and the Institute for Social Development (Argentina), among others. Circuito Identidades Latinas 2006

  1. On August 21 the 8th Version of CIL starts in Jaraguá do Sul, Brasil. (More information at
  1. As an independent organization we have been invited by UNESCO to organize a part of CREATE, a forum and a commercial fair focused on creative industries at Mercosur. CREATE will take place in Rosario, Argentina, from September 14 to 24. The 9ht version of CIL is called “Design, Identity and Development”. (More information at
  1. CIL’s 10th version, “Traces of identity: Body, habit, habitat”, will take place the last week of September in Valparaiso and Santiago, Chile.

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