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The workshop series at MAVI finished with a day-long session looking at the various elements in putting together a craft exhibition. I was quite surprised by the experimental approach that was taken by participants. We had three quite basic tables to work with. One group started piling other furniture on top.


Another used one of the group herself as the plinth on which to display objects. And the last group infiltrated the stairs with stolen objects accessible via the adjacent lift.

Craft in Chile has the potential not only to present objects of great interest but also to animate them with stories and a little local attitude.

I learned a great deal from the participants. I’m quite amazed at the breadth of projects they are involved in. It was quite a privilege to work with them and I hope there can something that comes of this. Certainly for the World of Small Things exhibition and discussions around the Code of Practice for Craft-Design Collaborations.

Conversation on the sidelines continued about the strangeness of bringing something artisanal into the gallery. It was obvious that the works were strangers to this environment. The challenge ahead is to see what happens when someone starts knocking on the door of the exhibition committee. Perhaps someone might start a gallery themselves..

One thought on “Craft contamination”

  1. Thanks for all the great information. Is wonderfull to have the opportunity to make an space in our busy lifes and think or re-think the issues involved in our daily work like artists.
    I am a jewelry creator full of energy to give and open to all the ways to be part of the growing generation of contemporary jewelers in chile.
    Hope to see you again in other instance like this,
    Massiel Mariel

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