Crafting protest

The Vera List Centre for Art and Politics in New York is hosting a discussion about craft as a medium for political protest.

Many contemporary artists are using craft as a largely unregulated place of protest where diverse and timely political statements are being made. Presented as part of a series of talks on agency, the panel proposes that crafting, because it is often social and communal, plays a vital role in the public sphere.

The panelists include Liz Collins, Sabrina Gschwandtner, Cat Mazza and Allison Smith. As well as participating in the panel, they have collaborated on a ‘large-scale knit banner’ that will be unveiled during the event. The discussion will be published in Modern Painters.

Political protest is an unlikely avenue for craft to use for profile in the visual arts. It would be interesting to determine if the crafting process itself is considered protest enough, in which case the actual cause selected is merely decoration.

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